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Terms & Conditions

Donation to the consultations shall be minimum US$ 60 onwards to be remitted in the account No. as paypal alongwith the request on each, otherwise it will not be entertained anyhow. All the predictions will be based on Hindu astrological cannons in general. There is no guarantee in fulfilling the predictions.

Result of request will be attended to and sent by email within 5 days whatsoever. Horoscope, Thalakkuri and Marriage Matching will be in six languages of English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu languages as desired and remaining of the above noted items in English and Malayalam as the case may be.

No further Correspondence on this behalf will be considered in any manner. Telephonic consultations is restricted in 15 minutes maximum time alone. Amount once remitted into the account will not be refunded at all costs. If it is exigency, such request shall be considered within five days and thereby the charge will be remitted in two times.

Payment Amount
Rs 900 or US $ 15
Rs 3600 or US $ 60

Bank Details
Name:- Ayyappankutty C K
Bank:- State Bank Of Travancore
Account No:- 57001542565
IFSC:- SBTR00517
Branch:- Vyttila

Temple of Astrology


Temple of Astrology


Temple of Astrology

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