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I am practising in the subject of Astrology as follows:-

  • Horoscope
  • Thalakkuri
  • Marriage Matching
  • Dasakalam
  • Muhoortham
  • thamboolam
  • Prasna
  • Kaladosha pariharam (evil events)
  • Gem Selection
  • Future Predictions
  • Vaasthu Sastra
Also undertake kudumba(Home) Prasna, devaprasna if required necessary.


  1. Mathru Shapa
  2. Pithru Shapa
  3. Sthala Dosha
  4. Sani(Saturn) Dosha
  5. Janma Sani
  6. Kandaka Sani
  7. 7½ Sani
  8. Ashtama Sani
  9. Karma Sani (Karma Nasham)
  10. Sarpa(Rahu) Dosha
  11. Darmadaiva Kopa
  12. Sathru Dosha
  13. Abheeshta Siddhi
  14. Santhana Dosha
  15. Education Progress
  16. Athyapathu
  17. Sathru Kshudra Dosha
  18. Sambathika Dosha(Fin.Loss)
  19. Sarvabheesta Siddhi
  20. Escape Seriously Ill Patient
  21. Deva Kopa
  22. Marriage Dosha
  23. Kuja Dosha
  24. Rejju Dosha
  25. Vedha Dosha Etc.
  26. Dashakala Dosha
  27. Dasha Sandhi Dosha
  28. Death Relief Remedy
  29. Pinda-Nool Dosha
  30. Bhali Nakshathra Dosha
  31. Vasupanchaka Dosha
  32. Panchaka Dosha
  33. Childrens Dosha
  34. Couples Dosha
  35. Kudumbha Dosha
  36. Muhoortha Etc.

NB:= Charges fixed for each parihara US$ 15 should be remitted in the format shown above(The consultations shall be minimum US$ 60 onwards to be remitted in the account No. 57001542565 [State Bank Of Travancore, IFSC: SBTR00517, Branch: Vyttila] alongwith the request on each, otherwise it will not be entertained anyhow). All the parihara karma should be attended to by the concerned person himself, otherwise, fruitful benefit will not be enjoyed on this behalf. Parihara must be done by affected person himself, if desires positive remedial benefits. Parihara karma etc. on each item shall be informed by email after remitting the amount if required according to dosha Level. Parihara will be in according to the religious belief for Xians and Muslims also.

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Temple of Astrology


Temple of Astrology


Temple of Astrology

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